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Bootcamp by the Beach
Bootcamp, Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp: The 3rd edition of the Quatre Bornes bootcamp will begin on January 28th 2014. Our Flic en Flac Boocamp runs throughout the year.


Register now and Get Fit...Fast

An 8 Week Intensive Fitness Programme designed and delivered by experienced fitness coaches.

What is a Fitness Bootcamp?

Visit any park, in any major city around the world and you will find a fitness bootcamp. Recognised as the way to get seriously fit, a bootcamp combines fitness games, circuit training, traditional exercise and personal training to produce a intensive, addictive and fun way to workout. Basically if you're serious about getting results then ditch the gym and get outdoors.

We have used all our experience to put together a 10 week fitness bootcamp which will get you the results you want. You will push your limits, sweat, get dirty, get fitter and use muscles you never knew you had. This is serious fun!

We're talking core strength, plyometrics, body weight workouts, speed and endurance. Each session is a new, hard hitting workout aimed at getting results. And you will get results.

Important: Everyone is different and we encourage each member to push themselves according to their abilities and goals. We pay particular attention to exercise technique and posture to ensure you can perform at your best and stay injury free.

Tuesday & Thursday 6-7.00am
St Esprit College, Quatre Bornes
Rs 3,000 for 8 weeks (which is 16 sessions)
Contact Tim or Marie on 5917 6535 to register

PS Extra training and nutrition plans which compliment the bootcamp are available on demand for those who really want the best for their body.

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Cricket Tournament

The 1st Active Cricket Tournament in Mauritius

On Saturday 15th July 2013 at Riverland Sports Club, Tamarin, 12 teams competed in the very first Active Cricket tournament to be held in Mauritius.

In front of a large and enthusiastic crowd of supporters, Dolphins Cricket Club were crowned champions of the inaugural 6-a-side Active Cricket tournament. A few minutes earlier, The Wahoos - a team made up of 2 Mauritians, 2 South Africans, and 2 British kids - had been presented with their medals and trophies as winners of the junior competition.

Fun, Fast, and Lively

The format for the competition was devised so that the matches were fun, fast, lively and competitive, with everyone getting a chance to bat and bowl. Played on a tennis court to a background of music and cheering supporters, teams bat for 12 overs each which means that each match lasts about an hour – much shorter than a normal cricket match. Because a tennis ball is used, rather than a hard cricket ball, no awkward or expensive equipment is needed and the game is accessible to all. Thanks to sponsors - Lloyd Jones Construction - a bouncy castle, water side and DJ added to the entertainment and atmosphere of the day.

Dolphins were the worthy winners of the senior event. Having won both their group games against MEC and Apollo, they disposed of Richfields in the semis to set up a finale with MEC. The final was tightly fought until a hatrick of wickets from Emcar Player of the Day, Kenny Wyness, turned the match in the favour of the red shirted Dolphins who went on to win by 40 runs.

Cricket for All

The junior tournament had been hotly awaited for many weeks by the 40 kids who took part. Many had been training with their coach Tim Cartwright each week at Riverland and Flic en Flac in preparation for the event. The teams were a mix of Mauritans, expats, boys and girls, most of whom had only started playing cricket a few months before.

In a competitive and closely fought event, the team spirit, fair play, and friendly rivalry on show in the junior event was an example that many of the adults could learn from! Under floodlights, the final went right down to the last ball of the game, The Mantas narrowly losing out by 5 runs to The Wahoos. The Best Batsman award went to Corban Soll for his excellent 34 runs in the final, and the Best Bowler award was won by Charlie Pearce. The Emcar Player of the Day was Luke Pearson-Taylor who lead his team to victory with a consistent all round performance with bat and ball.

Summing up the day’s events, tournament organiser Tim Cartwright said, “This is how cricket should be: fun, fast and full of action. It is a real pleasure to see so many people enjoying cricket in Mauritius.”

For more details please contact Tim Cartwright on 917 6535 or


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Events in Mauritius

6-a-side Cricket Tournament
14 Jun 2013 to 15 Jun 2013 | Cricket

Cricket Fun Day and Tournament

6-a-side Action Cricket Tournament: Adults and Under 11s

June 14-15th @ Riverland Sports Club, Tamarin

Friday 14th June from 6pm: U11s group games
Saturday 15th June from 9am: Adults group games

Saturday 15th 3pm - 9pm: Finals & Family Entertainment

Come, support and enjoy some fast, fun, action cricket in Tamarin. Food, drinks, music & family entertainment from 3pm on Saturday.

Very limited playing spaces left, please contact Tim asap on / 917 6535

Free Entry and a Warm Welcome to Spectators and Supporters

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Kneeling on the sand, the clear water lapping around me, I take my last lung full of air, allow myself to gently fall forward and rest motionless, face down in the water.

My buddy’s hand lies gently on my back, keeping me from drifting but allowing the gentle motion of the water to caress me. As I relax my body from head to toe, my mind too relaxes and begins to drift away to places long forgotten. Childhood memories spring back to life: long sleepless summer evenings, midnight walks up the lane and back, searching for slumber. This is a beautiful place to be.

3 blissful minutes slip by before the contractions begin. First a gentle rolling in the stomach as my diaphragm begins to contract, but soon a more compelling beat. I could easily stop now, why carry on? What’s the point? This is the battle ground. My buddy squeezes my hand and I twitch my fingers into an OK in reply. The contractions become stronger but I am still relaxed, focussed only on the rhythm of my body and the voice of my buddy.

Suddenly time seems to be passing faster and faster, 5 minutes 30, 5.45, 6 minutes. Now I feel at home, where I belong, I could stay here for ever. Time to stop. Time to breathe.

I am OK.

To learn more about freediving, and freediving safely, visit

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Trail Running in Mauritius
Trail Running, Cross Country Running, Running

Let’s be honest, the nature of the sport makes it hard to guarantee a trail or cross country runner will always be 100 percent injury free. In a few words, the key to a long, healthy career in trail running (or any other sport for that matter) is listening to your body and being proactive.

Now for the details:

1. Listen

A true athlete should be used to listening to, and “feeling” their body throughout training and should make sure that this is the main factor to consider, as opposed to being the slave of a coach, heart rate monitor, gadgets, a demanding training schedule, etc. Sensing injury flows with this methodology because no one knows our bodies better than ourselves.

2. Stay on the case

Once a running injury disappears, it can often come back, so it is a good idea to maintain physical therapy/sports therapy and strength exercises that you employed to get rid of the injury in the first place. The simplest example of this is to keep talking to your sports therapist and ask for their advice and do not let the treatment programme that saved you from IT Band Syndrome or sciatic injury collect dust in the corner. Use it! And get it updated if need be. An overused muscle or tendon's natural defense is to tighten, which causes inflammation and pain, so work to keep things nice and supple.

3. Stretch

Forgetting, overlooking or not knowing how to stretch is a deadly sin for any athlete, and no need to say the fastest way to injury. So please stretch after any physical effort and if you are not sure how to, ask for help from your sports therapist – that’s what they are there for!

4. Core Power

Strength promotes endurance and speed, and helps prevents injuries. Why? Because you need a good foundation - a good muscular structure - to support the impact caused by your sport. Core stability exercises are key to providing you with this support together with strength exercises on all relevant major muscle groups, ie, legs and glutes.

5. Equipment

A quick word on equipment. The obvious rule here is to use equipment that is specific for your sport. If it is a financial or logistical issue, get as close as you can get to having appropriate gear. You would not run a trail in squash shoes, would you?

Alright then, get going…and Happy Training Smile

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